Master's Fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease Research

UPCH Epidemiology Master's Fellowship

UNAP Nutrition Sciences Master's Fellowship


    • Research training from March 2024 – September 2025.
    • Mentorship and career guidance from UPCH, UNAP, Johns Hopkins University, and Washington University investigators.
    • Placement of the fellow in a research unit under the mentorship of CVD investigators.
    • Full tuition benefit (tuition, registration and graduation fees)
    • Stipends for 18 months (USD 10,800 per 18 months)
    • Research support (USD 1,500)

Specific requirements:  

    • Experience, background, and interest in research on cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular risk factors, and/or environmental health.
    • Completed undergraduate thesis.
    • Ability to communicate in English.

Activities and commitments of the Fellows:

    • Complete the program of study without failing any course.
    • Complete and submit the thesis before the end of the fellowship period.
    • Field work in Puno during some part of the fellowship.
    • Participation in trainee seminars and conferences:
      • Annual trainee seminars (either virtual or in-person alternating between Lima and Puno)
      • Annual virtual mid-year meetings
      • Weekly virtual meeting with mentoring team and Program Directors
    • Supervision and mentoring of undergraduate students and participation in activities related to academic and research events.


    • The application will be completed online:
    • The following documents should be prepared in advance and uploaded (either as Word or PDF documents):
      • CURRICULUM VITAE (CV). Indicate your level of English, whether you are in the top third or top fifth of undergraduates;
      • NIH BIOSKETCH (optional);
      • Summary of RESEARCH TRAINING in 1) Biological sciences; 2) Cardiovascular disease and comorbidities; 3) Epidemiology; 4) Biostatistics (use of statistical software packages); 5) Data management (eg, REDCap) (max ½ page);
      • Summary of academic and/or work and research EXPERIENCE in the area of cardiovascular disease, comorbidities, and risk factors (max ½ page);
      • Summary of your research INTERESTS in the area of cardiovascular disease, comorbidities, and risk factors (max ½ page);
    • Letter of recommendation (1). Please enter the contact information for individual who can provide letter of academic or professional recommendation (Spanish or English).


Important Dates

  • Reception of inquiries and questions: until January 31, 2024:
  • Deadline for sending documents: February 11, 2024
  • Interviews of shortlisted applicants: February 14 to 21, 2024
  • Selection of beneficiary: February 23, 2024
  • Start of classes: April 2024

*Please consider that you should go through the admission process of each master program, review information in the following links: